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Prof. Koivunen to visit WiDeS
Nov. 5-6th, 2009
Prof. Visa Koivunen from Helsinki University of Technology, a renowned researcher in the field of signal processing for wireless communications, will visit WiDeS on Nov. 5th and 6th.
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PostDocs and Students join WiDeS
Fall 2009 saw the entry of the first batch of PostDocs, PhD and MS students into Wides. The complete list of the new members will be put up shortly.
More information about each member can be accessed here.

Molisch gives keynote at WPMC in Japan
Sept. 7-10th, 2009
Prof. Andy Molisch was invited to give a keynote address at the 12th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC) in  Sendai, Japan.
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Molisch to participate in "Frontiers of Engineering" Symposium of NAE
Sept. 2009
The National Academy of Engineering (NAE), has selected 88 researchers to participate in the 15th Symposium on "Frontiers in Engineering" in September 2009, among them Andy Molisch from WiDeS.
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WiDeS at IEEE-ICC in Dresden
June 14-18th, 2009
Three papers of WiDeS are presented in
the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) took place in Dresden, Germany, from June 14-18th, 2009.
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Jussi Salmi to join WiDeS as PostDoc
Jussi Salmi, a researcher at the Helsinki University of Technology, will join the WiDeS group in the fall as PostDoc. 
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Andy Molisch, Professor at USC and Head of the WiDeS group, visited a number of Chinese universities, participating in the joint
Tsinghua-USC workshop on "smart and green" technologies, and giving a number of presentations:
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June 2nd/3rd
Jussi Salmi, researcher at the Helsinki University of Technology, visits WiDeS on June 2nd/3rd, and gives a talk.
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Andy Molisch, Professor at USC and Head of the WiDeS group, has won the
Wireless Educator of the Year award for 2009 from the Global Wireless Education Consortium. The award recognizes  outstanding faculty in the area of wireless communications, and honors contributions to engineering education.

April 3rd, 2009
Dr. Niki Czink, a researcher at Stanford University and well-known expert in wireless channel measurements, will visit the WIDES group on April 3rd, and will give a seminar entitled
“MIMO Interference: Don’t Forget the Spatial Structure!”
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WiDeS paper gets award at Globecom
The paper “
Unified Analysis of Linear Block Precoding for Distributed Antenna Systems” by T. Koike-Akino, A. F. Molisch, P. Orlik, Z. Tao, and T. Kuze received a “best paper award” at IEEE Globecom, the flagship conference of the IEEE Communications society. The paper was a collaboration between authors from Harvard, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs and WiDeS.

Workshop on Body Area Networks for Medical Applications
The WiDeS group hosted an international workshop on body area networks for medical applications.
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