University of Southern California WiDeS - Wireless Devices and Systems Group The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering USC
June 2nd/3rd

Jussi Salmi, researcher at the Helsinki University of Technology, visits WiDeS on June 2nd/3rd, and gives a talk.
 Measurement-based modeling of wireless MIMO propagation channels provides realistic characterization of the physical layer for MIMO transceiver design and network planning. This talk focuses on modeling and parametric estimation of mobile MIMO radio propagation channels. Measured MIMO channels are modeled using a superposition of double-directional, specular-like propagation paths, and a stochastic process describing the diffuse scattering. A state-space modeling approach employing the Extended Kalman filter (EKF) is introduced for sequential estimation of the propagation path parameters from dynamic channel sounding measurements. Moreover, the models are formulated using tensor notation, and a novel tensor decomposition technique is presented. The proposed Sequential Unfolding SVD (SUSVD), has several applications in array signal processing, including a low rank tensor approximation similar to the one obtained using SVD for matrices.