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Prof. Koivunen to visit WiDeS
Nov 5-6th, 2009

Prof. Visa Koivunen from Helsinki University of Technology, a renowned researcher in the field of signal processing for wireless communications, will visit WiDeS on Nov. 5th and 6th. He will give a talk on MIMO radar, one of the emerging hot topics in multi-antenna systems. Abstract and speaker bio are as follows:

Performance of MIMO Radar with AngularDiversity under Swerling Scattering Models
Visa Koivunen, Helsinki Univ. of Technology

A brief overview of different MIMO radar concepts is provided. The performance of statistical MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) radar configurations that use distributed antennas is analyzed in detail. Statistical MIMO radars exploit angular diversity to mitigate the impact of radar cross section (RCS)d fluctuations. The fluctuations can be modeled with the Swerling scattering model consisting of four different
cases with either fast or slow target RCS fluctuations.

In this paper, the performance of different statistical MIMO radar configurations is compared in the different Swerling cases. Both target detection and direction of arrival estimation tasks are considered. We derive the optimal test statistics for target detection for non-orthogonal waveforms in all the Swerling cases in single-pulse as well as multi-pulse scenarios. In the direction finding task, confidence bounds of the squared estimation error of the different configurations are compared. The comparison is done in terms of the confidence bounds as the Cramer-Rao bounds are not defined for all the cases and configurations. The pros and cons of the angular diversity and each radar configuration are pointed out in
different fluctuation scenarios. If time allows, beampattern optimization in MIMO radar will be considered as well. This is joint work with my student Tuomas Aittomäki

Visa Koivunen (Senior Member, IEEE) received his D.Sc. (Tech) degree with honors from the University of Oulu, Dept. of Electrical Engineering. He received the  primus doctor (best graduate) award among the doctoral graduates in years 1989-1994. From 1992  to 1995  he was a visiting researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. Since 1999 he has been a Professor of Signal Processing at Helsinki University of Technology (HUT),  Finland. He is one of the Principal Investigators in  SMARAD (Smart Radios and Wireless Systems)  Center of Excellence in Radio and Communications Engineering nominated by the Academy of Finland. Years 2003-2007 he was also adjunct full professor at the University of Pennsylvania,   Philadelphia, USA. During his sabbatical leave in 2006-2007 he was Visiting Fellow at Nokia Research Center as well as visiting fellow at Princeton University. Year 2009 he was appointed to Academy of Finland distinguished professor position until year 2014.

Dr. Koivunen's research interest include statistical, communications and sensor array signal processing. He has published about 300 papers in international  scientific conferences and journals. He co-authored the several papers receiving the  best papers in conferences. He has been awarded the IEEE Signal Processing Society best  paper award for the year 2007 (co-authored with J. Eriksson). He is member of the IEEE SAM and SPCOM  technical committees.