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Molisch gives keynote at WPMC in Japan
Sept. 7-10th, 2009

Andy Molisch, Professor at USC and Head of the WiDeS group, was invited to give a keynote address at the 12th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC) in  Sendai, Japan.

Prof. Molisch delivering the Keynote address at WPMC, Sendai, Japan

The talk was entitled "Multi-user MIMO and Base Station Cooperation", and had the following abstract:

"Multiple-input - multiple-output (MIMO) systems are the method of choice for increasing spectral efficiency for fourth-generation wireless communications systems such as 3GPP-LTE, Wimax, and high-throughput WiFi (IEEE 802.11n). It has been shown that for a single link, the capacity increases linearly with the number of antenna elements at transmitter and receiver. However, in a cellular setting, new effects come into play. First, multiple users are present within one cell, which enables a tradeoff between increasing the data rate for a single user vs. communicating with multiple users at the same time. The talk will discuss methods to optimize overall throughput, as well as considerations for fairness between the users, and methods for reducing feedback overhead. Secondly, interference from neighboring cells tends to limit the capacity. The talk will thus discuss base station cooperation, where multi-antenna base stations cooperate for communications with users in multiple cells, has the potential to eliminate this bottleneck and recover the full potential of MIMO communications also in a cellular setting. A discussion of propagation channel aspects relevant for multi-user MIMO and BS cooperation will round off the talk."