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Sundar Aditya


Sundar Aditya obtained his B.Tech and M.Tech degrees in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2011. He joined WiDeS as a PhD student in Fall 2011 and is currently working on problems related to routing in cooperative networks.


Conference Papers:

C1. "Bayesian Multi-Target Localization Using Blocking Statistics in Multipath Environments", Sundar Aditya, A. F. Molisch and Hatim Behairy, ICC 2015 - Workshop on Advances in Network Localization (ANLN), London, England, June 2015

C2.  "Multicast Routing with Mutual Information Accumulation", Sundar Aditya, A. F. Molisch, ICCC 2014, Shanghai, China, October 2014