University of Southern California WiDeS - Wireless Devices and Systems Group The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering USC


  1. Overriding rule is that all laws (including export control laws) of the US and California must be
    strictly adhered.
  2. All University Policies, including those concerning harassment, proper procedure for experiments (e.g., involving humans), etc., must be strictly adhered to.
  3. Undergo all required safety training, and have both your safety, as well as those of your colleagues and bystanders, in mind.
  4. There is zero tolerance for violations of research integrity. All results must be to the best of your knowledge, must be thoroughly vetted, and texts must outline not only what speaks in favor of a particular theory or explanation, but also what speaks against it. When mistakes are discovered after publication, appropriate corrections must be made public.
  5. All non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, IPR agreements, etc. must be strictly adhered to.


  1. Patenting, following applicable USC rules, is encouraged. Appropriate procedures (keeping of labbook, having ideas signed off by colleagues) should be followed.
  2. Our main research output are high-quality journal papers. Conferences and workshops can be useful for discussion of results and interaction with researchers from other universities; attendance is usually subject to presentation of a paper (and availability of financing).
  3. All group members (and outside collaborators) making significant contributions to the content of a paper should be named as co-authors.
  4. Group meetings, as well as weekly individual meetings with the head of the group, occur weekly.
  5. Contributions to group administration are expected.