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Becoming a PhD student is a big step, so please make sure that you think about this issue carefully. Consider the following questions:
  1. do you want to spend a considerable portion of your life in research and advanced development? 
  2. if yes, are you willing to invest several years of your life into obtaining a PhD? Getting a PhD is not an "easy path", or a way to avoid the "real world". It takes a lot of dedication, and hard work.

If you are positive about these questions, the next step is to choose a school and an advisor. A school with a high prestige is useful (and USC is among the top-10 of all US Universities in the engineering field). But more important is the choice of the group. Make sure that your research interest, working philosophy, etc., are aligned with those of the other members of the group that you are joining, and especially with that of your advisor.

At WiDeS, we subscribe to the following principles:
  • Complying the "rule book" of WiDeS
  • close collaborations between the group members: collaborations almost always enhance the output of everybody involved. We encourage information exchange between all group members. Every group member will participate in weekly meetings. Also, weekly meetings with Prof. Molisch are part of the routine.
  • non-hierarchical thinking: scientific ideas are judged on their merits, not according to who suggested them. That is the good thing about science: there is an objectively correct answer. Side note: administrative questions are, naturally, decided by project leaders and the head of group.
  • interest in practical applications: the group deals with a wide range of topics, ranging from pure measurements to quite theoretical work. But ultimately, everything has to have a relation to the physical reality, and you are encouraged to spend at least some time to think about those relationships. You are also encouraged to spend at least one or two summers in an industrial research lab, and we will help you to land such an internship.
If you feel that you fit in well in such an atmosphere, you are interested in our research areas, and you have the "hard skills" to contribute to world-class research, then please fill out the application form Here and you will be contacted later.