Cutting-edge research: the first criterion for any research collaboration is the scientific quality of the output. From fundamental insights into propagation channels to theoretical breakthroughs such as femtocaching, our research changes wireless communications – just see our publications.

Forms Of Collaboration

Research contracts : This is the standard form of collaboration, in which the sponsor and WiDeS agree on a research scope and deliverables. Regular updates are provided in the forms of reports and/or visits to the sponsors. Rights to intellectual property created during such a collaboration are negotiated with USC’s Steven’s institute.

Gifts: If you are interested in furthering research in a specific topic, without the need for pre-defined deliverables, a gift to the group might be the right solution. This has the advantage of reduced overhead, less administrative effort, and gives you access to our researchers (and, of course, acknowledgement of your generous contribution in the publications resulting from the research.

Other Collaborations: We are also always open to other forms of collaborations – scientific collaborations with your research group, in-kind contributions, industry-sponsored PhD students, and summer internships of our PhD students in your labs.

For further discussions of what form best fits your requirements, please contact Prof. Molisch.